Paradise found


Today is our fifth day in Boca’s Del Toro and we have loved every minute of it. Panama’s Carribean islands have it all and are one of those places to try and stay as long as possible. We moved into a sister hostel to one we stayed in in Panama City. Its cheap, has free pancakes and coffee for breakfast, and its somewhere we could stay for quite a while. Loving life in the tropics!

We have plotted out our crossing to Costa Rica, all the way to Managua, Nicaragua but for now we are completely content with Reggae beats and coral reefs.



The perils of timing

Obviously I’m a bit late on getting the blog up and running. Being in Minnesota proved to busy and sentimental to take time out for writing on the blog, but now that we are in Central America on our journey it seems much better timing to be able to take a rainy afternoon and write. I have also discovered that I much enjoy writing in my paper journal, and am having difficulty writing on an iPad surface. In any case, I appreciate the grace of my friends and family, and anyone reading. Facebook is a really good place to see current photos, they have been posted daily.

I’m really digging soundscapes here and I’m looking in to ways to put them in a sort of library for your aural vacationing pleasure.

Backed up already

This morning Chad went into work for his last day, to return the truck and say his goodbyes. Layla and I slept in a bit since it was our first day without having to get up, we slept till 7! We got up and started to clean clean clean. Somehow it’s always way more than you think it will be. My aunt Judy stopped by to say goodbye and we continued cleaning.
Chad got home and we kind of just had to pause, dumbfounded at all there still was left to do. We had wanted to get to the Fryeburg fair but that just didn’t happen. Charity, Al and Lil stopped by to say goodbye and pick up some bedding (rescued from an accidental good will drop off).
It was sad to say goodbye but the adventures that are promised to follow were a bigger lure than the tearful goodbyes of family. Bethany was possibly the toughest to keep from bawling and I will always cherish the memories of our times together at the Matterhorn and Sunday River. Those were some of the best times of my life.
Friday night was spent at Chad’s mom’s house and we were trying to organize our stuff till 1AM. We then slept for a couple of hours on a twin size bed until our departure at 6AM sharp. Our friends and family in Limerick were gracious and excited to inherit a lot of our stuff to get rid of. Too sentimental for goodwill and not quite enough to go into storage. I want to thank Sharon and her families for what they’ve have done for us and Chad’s and my own family for storing the remnants of our lives.
Saturday. The drive started out early. It sucked. It was tiring, stressful, painful, but a bit gratifying because it was the start of an adventure. Chad quit smoking and soda on this first day of our road trip, so everyone was on edge a bit.
I drove the first day to Niagara Falls. He did really well and we were glad to be further along in our adventure. We were so bushed when we got to Niagara Falls we just went on a brief walk to see the USA side of the falls, took a few pictures and got back in the car to cross the border.
Ferdinand was our crossing guard into Canada and he was pretty hilarious. He should of checked our vehicle but there was so much stuff, he stated, “I would have to check your vehicle, but I don’t want to any officer through that!” We crossed the border and finally made it to our hotel. We took Layla out for another walk then jumped back in the car and sat there for a moment together appreciating what introverts we all are.
We went out and grabbed some food to bring back to the hotel. After dinner, we forced ourselves to get back in the car for a view of the best side of the falls. The weather was wet, dreary and bitingly cold so we illegally parked on the side of the falls, jumped out to take a peak and then jumped back in the car. There were so many other cars doing the exact same thing. We slept hard that night and left early to do it all again in the morning.
Sunday. Crossing back in the United States was infinitely easier as we were the only people crossing in any direction at 6 AM. A grumpy old man with a tightly strained button or two on his shirt let us back into the states without as much as a glance at our passports. Back on the road again, we stopped at this wonderful hole in the wall restaurant on our way out of New York. It was a great greasy spoon.
Chad drove this morning but I couldn’t sleep. Cedar point was our destination for today and I could hardly wait. We got to Cedar Point around noon and had a much needed play day. We were pretty nervous a few times because a couple of rides that Chad really wanted to see were closed due to high winds.
Atlas, the rides opened and we waited 2 hours to get the very front seats of the world’s fastest rollercoaster. With speeds of over 100 MPH, it was well worth the wait. My favorite rollercoaster was the Magnum. You spent more time out of your seat then you did on it. Chad and I giggled the entire ride. Another plus about the ride is that there were no lines, so we jumped right back on again.
After a fun-filled day at Cedar Point, Aptly named due to the fact that it is on an Island surrounded by one of the great lakes, we were getting a little Hangry (hungry + Angry = Hangry). We stopped at the first Jimmy John’s that we’ve seen in the whole trop. Such a happy accident while looking for food.
After a great meal, we made our way to Chicago for the night. It felt like we were using any excuse to not get on the road and any excuse to get off it again. It’s a miracle we made it to Chicago at all. My cousin Onycha has a dear friend name Josue on the west side of Chicago that helped us by taking Layla for the night. He was so lovely to take Layla for the night because she couldn’t stay in the hotel (Hotwire said the hotel was pet friendly, but what they didn’t say is that it would cost us another 100.00 extra for layla to stay with us.).
We stayed the night in downtown Chicago at the W. It was the nicest little cracker box I’ve ever stayed in. Miniscule in size, the room was beautiful, with a desk and a sparklingly decorated bathroom. The bed was really comfortable and we both slept really well.
Monday. We took our leisurely time getting up this morning. We got up at 6AM and finally made our way back to Layla and off to eat breakfast at another delicious greasy spoon. After the lovely meal, We parked the car and insisted a nearly vacant Millennium park. We took some photos there and headed on to Minnesota… TBC

The start of something great

Or terrifying. That remains to be seen.

Welcome to myattemptatthegoodlife! If you have reached this site so early, you probably have received a little networking card I made from Moo. Thank you sincerely for wanting to keep in touch with me. I have met and built relationships with you that I cherish and would like to keep alive. Each of you has touched my life in ways you may never know, and have provided courage and confirmation that this path I am embarking on is the right one for me. Thank you. Gah! Mushy stuff!

Alright, a bit about what I hope to be going down here on this site- and all social media platforms we will have…

I envision this as a place where you can follow our other-world journeys, see photos, visualize travel on timelines, hear about adventures, imagine the stories, gain inspiration to live your own dreams, and if you like, live vicariously if circumstances prevent you from traveling yourself.

My goals are to follow my calling, take leaps of faith even when I can’t see the path ahead of me, test my own limits, utilize and continue to develop myself so I may best serve in a humanitarian capacity to the best of my ability. Oh, and have fun. You may eventually see development of an idea for humanitarian/ charity work that basically works on the premise that so often people either have time or they have money to give to things they care about, and since I have little money, I am choosing to give my time. Donors can influence how the money is spent and we will be the hands and feet of the donors. Alas, that is still in the idea stage for now.

I hope you enjoy the content, leave comments, and continue to be the wonderful, supportive people you are. As for us, it is T- minus 60 days until we leave Maine. Thank you all

~ Let’s keep in touch~

A mind blowing day

Today I woke up at my usual 8:23 which means ( I assume) that I’m fully sleep recovered from the long night of bedbug frying in Biddeford. I looked in the fridge for breakfast, saw the meatloaf from last night (quite tasty if I don’t say so myself- thanks for the skeleton recipe Cita) and the mashed cauliflower YUM- then ate an apple and started my day. I checked my FB stuff and came across the Knowledge Of Today posts. They had posted a funny but sadly true meme of us repeating history because we don’t listen or learn from the first time around… And they added a link to their home page- so I clicked on it because it is always and without fail or exception mind expanding and usually exploding. SO. This documentary is called Esoteric Agenda, and I highly recommend its viewing that would really like to know where my journey is taking me. It provokes travel and research down a number of rabbit holes, and each or those holes I’ve got a limb in exploring the truths that may be found. The topics range from religion to physical science, to nods to quantum physics, to ( a particular interest of mine) the science of spirituality. Nearly Every question I wrote down from what had been said was subsequently explored in the next topic.
I will indulge in a particular anecdotal example because I know some of my friends are fans or fanatics of fractals. Well, fractal friends, the video explained current science of amino acids and how there are about 20 active in our bodies and there could be up to 60- and those amino acids hav switches that are flipped by our emotions. Our emotions emanate particular frequencies, love is a high frequency and thus activates more switches as it travels through our amino acids (DNA) hate or fear is a low frequency and thus activates less amino acids as it travels through our bodies. Pardon my incomplete science on the matter I’m not an expert- there was mention of tuning instruments to frequencies, and the fact that frequencies have an effect on naturally created and growing patterns. Well. does this sound like something interesting? Higher frequency creates more complex patterns. There was also speaking of the earths frequency and how it has been measured and is being found to follow the Fibonacci number. I couldn’t help but think that fractals may be affected, influenced, caused or changed by altering the frequency associated with its equation. It basically blew my mind. And the implications of this can extend to understanding how we as a species are connected to, changed by, and influenced under the changing frequency of our planet.
As an aside, if that was incomprehensible I apologize. The documentary starts from square one and leads you through the explanation of it all. I encourage its viewing on your own to understand. I am a bit excited and flustered and when they started talking bout quantum physics I actually shed a tear of joy because I had JUST watched another documentary on Quantum physics called What the #$*! Do We Know on Netflix last night. Such a Blik.
So, if you do watch it- especially Christian friends, do so with an open mind. It is not attacking you as you will see at a few points throughout.

Ok, now that I have that out, I can go on with my daily life with intent and love in my soul. I love each and every one of you, even if we have never met, with ever fiber of my being. Thank you for visiting my blog- I feel the love- and I intend to keep posting where this journey takes me. For now, I hear they have a msg free salt and vinegar powder at Cornerstone Country Market I’ve just Got to check out.

If any would like to have discussions, please email me at

Two hens One nest.

My grandmother says that, “a life worth living is a life worth writing down”. So as a self vying for my menial troubles to be worth living, I will write them down just in case.
Really it started last summer. Chad has a sister that was in a bad spot and she needed a place to move with two of her kids. He was living alone at the time and he said she could come move in to his house for a while. So she started moving in last July or August. I was staying over more often than not, and living out of my car because I had never lived with anyone before and wasn’t ready to start- but the sudden infringement on his territory started an unsettling feeling. Mostly when the dish soap got clothes.
Then it was the bathroom being filled with unfamiliar objects, then there were large dusty green rugs smattering the floors. Now, I don’t go downstairs, or sit on my favorite couch, or spend much time in the kitchen, or feel comfortable doing laundry any time I want. The refrigerator if full of not-my-food, and I’ve been slowly relegated to one side shelf plus a bag of carrots down below. There are two hens in this nest, and she’s got me beat in age by fifteen years and one kid left living here.
I’m feeling inadequate and under motivated, and I don’t want to DO any of the things I want to do because I’m avoiding disrupting the brooding hen downstairs. It’s silly, really. I feel like college all over again living with room mates and living my life as to not turbulate the touchy housemates. The only other place I have food items is on top of the fridge, and apparently she didn’t like that so she bought a basket for my things rather than me lining them up. I’m getting mason jars next week to put my things in and proudly display on top of the fridge. I also moved the spices and oils about this morning. I’m going to slowly fix things to my own liking because well, I simply don’t like broody hens. Including myself.

Valentines cookery

So I got up early with good intentions of having a delicious meal prepared for my love whenst he arrived home from work. Layla May and I got to venture out to my very favorite Amish store called Cornerstone, in Waterboro. I like to pick up grains and seeds there. They get everything in bulk and bag it up intoned more manageable protons and sell it for significantly less than pre-packaged things (that get shipped from CA or somewhere far off so frequently). Since my little local Amish store didn’t carry Marscapone for the tiramisu (though they do have the freshest eggs- I used 11 of 12) or my four lbs of pork butt needed for the carnitas, I had to go to the Hannaford. There are like two grocery stores out here, Hannaford and Shaws. It’s so funny because I’m used to the big Cub and Rainbow back in MN, along with Coborns, Kowalskis, Beyerlys, and the scattered minions of health food and local grocers (as is the life of a metropolitan city I suppose). Alas, these are no more, but happily, they have been replaced with local farmers that sell directly or to the few local stores that so exist around here. I I gathered my groceries and also a tiny Valentines day ivy in an itty bitty pot I found stranded and calling my name… we won’t talk about my mini plant obsession right now. Layla and I headed back home to start cooking cooking cooking!
Lady fingers are ridiculously hard to find so I attempted making them, and since I don’t have a mixer (sad face) I attempted to blend my egg whites to stiff peaks, but the closest they came was a foamy pour into the sugary yolks I had blended earlier. The lady fingers settled into a thin eggy crisp, alas they still took the espressohol that was drizzled over them in the final product. As for the pork butt I thought I had lost them by forgetting to simmer them first, but they were saved and turned out delish! I also made tortillas myself ( the best ever) and in lieu of the lard, coconut oil was substituted and it was smashing. We were worried they wouldn’t work out so Chad went and got some at the local gouge-market in case.
Everything turned out tasty, and we had a good evening enjoying each others company and watching the little tiger he bought me dance about to ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ he gave me a sweet card that I will read every morning as a reminder. We enjoyed the tiramisu, and were too full afterward. I was a pleasant day indeed.